article editor bug fixed.
changing the licence!

parsjoomla bug fix.

No Last Updated bug fixed.
php warnings fixed.

convert the Arabic ي to Persian ی
convert the Arabic ك to Persian ک
convert the Arabic ة to Persian ه
News Feed and Web-Links bug fixed.
date conversion based on current language.

Changing the licence to CC BY-NC-SA
Last Updated on frontpage bug fixed.

rewrite date functions to use with strftime() parameters.
add front-end languages.
support for en-GB, fa-IR and parsjoomla-FA
define Standard and Advanced mode.
separate exclude categories for date and number.

disable the original date automatically for 1.5

added 1.0.x compatible version.
added back-end languages.(English and Persian) for 1.5

mistype on hijri month names fix.
changing the structures of functions.
convert utf idioms to HTML entities.

timezone bug fix.
php notices fix.
some minor bug fix.

add option to show/hide on frontpage and full article.
more separator characters.
minor bug fix.

include gPersianNumber.
add Hijri.
translate Gregorian to Persian idioms.