On recent years of Joomla

There is a lot going on Joomla community over the past years and frankly I am very tired of it. I know my place on the community and it is less than nothing but as a small member, all the drama looks like kind of super-stupid. The promises for J1.6, the GSoC, Mambo thinking disguised as freedom, leadership fiasco and worst of all the childish games between the senior members over 1.6 and Molajo.

I like Open Source a lot and apparently -sorry to say that- unlike most of the community, not just for the financial reasons. We say “Open Source Matters” but as long as it help us make more money. I myself make my living through web but the things that going on Joomla and specially on JED is more like dealership than open source. Like thinking we are Microsoft and have to offer full solutions with each small product.

Currently, I only published my Joomla extensions. Even though, at this moment, only one of my projects -a non-profit one- is based on Joomla, and ironically with using none of my extensions. But until I feel some scene from Joomla, I came to decide not to support and update any of my Joomla extensions, and sincerely hope you will understand.

P.S. Here I have no intentions to accuse anybody of anything and definitely withdraw the discussion if somebody’s not agree. So do not get angry, I’m trying to express honesty in my blog.

My comment system for Joomla

Finally after so much about commenting on Joomla!, I’ve come to a solution of my own to simply develop one. but as an amateur developer who haven’t had the time and can’t afford the commitment, I didn’t release the code to avoid the overload of support.

Until, the version 0.5.3 became quite promising and I’d decided to release the beta version. but with arriving of JForms and new Article Manager of Joomla! 1.6, I gave everything up. (more…)