gIslamicDate 0.3.3 / 0.3
Joomla! 1.5 native / 1.0.x plug-in extension

Shows the article date in Islamic (Hijri) on before
and Hijri date of "Last Updated" after each article.

You can change date parameters as PHP function strftime().
You can define excluded categories.
You can use {gislamicdate=off} to disable the gIslamicDate on the article.

contain English, Arabic, French, Russian and Persian Languages.



remove html id tag for css validation.

article editor bug fixed.
Arabic 456 fixed.
add Russian translation (thanks to Eugene A. Sivokon)
add double mode.
changing the licence again!

add French translation (thanks to Hadj)

Define Standard and Advanced mode.
php warnings fixed.
No Last Updated bug fixed.
News Feed and Web-Links bug fixed.

disable the original date automatically
css class bug fix

1.0 change-log:

compatibility with Joomfish
time zone bug fixed

clean up the code
no need to manually disable the original dates

most recent version for J!1.5 is 0.3.3 on 2/12/2009
most recent version for J!1.0.x is 0.3 on 3/19/2009
licenced under GNU/GPLv2 / compatible with Joomla! 1.5.9 or 1.0.15

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